UN Information & Accountability Commission: Maternal & Child Health

MDG Update

As part of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, a global campaign to save the lives of 16 million mothers and children over the next five years was announced in September of 2010, with $40 billion pledged by NGOs, governments, foundations, and private organizations. This Wednesday, a commission will meet in Geneva, Switzerland to establish benchmarks for the maternal and child health initiative. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete will co-chair the commission. According to a UN press release, the accountability framework proposed by the Commission will:

  • Track results and resource flows at global and country levels:
  • Identify a core set of indicators and measurement needs for women’s and chilfren’s health;
  • Propose steps to improve health information and registration of vital events- births and deaths- in low-income countries;
  • Explore opportunities for innovation in information technology to improve access to reliable information on resources and outcomes.

It should be interesting to hear the first results of this high-level Committee meeting…we’ll be sure to keep you updated as we learn more after January 26th.

Link to Global Strategy document for Women’s and Children’s health on the Every Woman Every Child website:


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