Text-to-Mom Healthcare

Last week, a friend drew my attention to an article in the New York Times I thought I’d share in my blog post today. The article is about a service called text4baby, a program that sends text messages to pregnant women or women with children under 1 year to give regular tips on prenatal care or child care. Women simply send a text with the subject “baby” to 511411 and are then connected to the service, which prompts them to enter basic information (due date, child’s age, etc.) After that, women begin receiving texts (of 160 characters or less) with useful, evidence based information on healthcare appropriate to their situation. The program just celebrated its one-year anniversary and has already reached 135,000 women.

It’s a fascinating example of an innovative approach to improving maternal healthcare through the use of emerging technology. Check out the original article as well as the follow up to learn more.

Photo credit: New York Times, Meredith Inman

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