Tackling family planning in Guatemala

Meet Dr. Alexis Tran. She’s an OBGYN resident at Albany Medical Center and a Saving Mothers volunteer. Recently, she presented her research on family planning needs in San Juan, Guatemala at the International Federation of Obstetricians and Gynecologists World Congress in Rome.

During her study, she found that 72% of women in Guatemala do not use contraceptives, and among the 24% who do, 13% use Depo-Provera injections, while only 3.6% use oral contraceptives.

Most of the non-users surveyed (57%) lacked access to contraception or were simply unaware of their contraceptive options. Other barriers included religious or cultural beliefs (13%), and limited finances (13%). Among birth control users, 30% said contraceptive knowledge influenced their family planning decision making. 22% said timing their next baby affected their decisions most.

Dr. Tran’s presentation marked the first of its kind for Saving Mothers. You can view more of her findings here.

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