Short and Sweet: Return visit to Guatemala

Saving Mothers is proud to announce the launch of the Saving Mothers Comadrona School of POWHER (Providing Outreach in Women’s Health and Education Resource). The goal of this program is to empower comadronas (traditional birth attendants) in Santiago, Lago Atitlán by teaching them skills such as using blood pressure cuffs, human anatomy, safe labor and delivery techniques and pregnancy-related warning signs. Working in partnership with the Centro de Salud and various local clinics, the course will run for 16 weeks and be taught by Saving Mothers’ Guatemala Coordinator Jes Oliveira, various local physicians as well as guest health provider lecturers traveling from New York City.

In January, SM team members Jes Oliveira and Leiann Lopez helped select 22 eligible students for the Comadrona School of POWHER. As part of the training, each student will be receiving a POWHER kit that consists of medical supplies and equipment such as a birth kit, extra gloves, a blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, head lamps, and more. 

"It was wonderful to see the enthusiasm from the women. They have not had any training like this and are eager to learn."  Lopez says, "It was  also amazing to see all the support Saving Mothers receives in the community."

Below are a few photos from the student selection process and information session for the Comadrona School of POWHER! We are excited to launch this new training program and to be part of the effort to provide safer prenatal and maternal care in this Guatemalan community. 


Jes Oliveira introduced the Comadrona School of POWHER to the selected comadrona students. 


The comadrona students were eager to learn about the training program. 


A sneak peak at the curriculum. 


Each student will be given a POWHER kit of medical supplies that they will use throughout the course. 

The supplies inside the POWHER kit. 

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