Saving Mothers’ Samantha Smith wins seed grant

This month, Saving Mothers’ Student Chapter Director Samantha Smith won a seed grant for $500 from for her Buttons for Birth Campaign to raise awareness about maternal health issues in Guatemala.

Here is the piece Do Something published on their website about Samantha’s project:

After volunteering with Saving Mothers, Samantha decided she wanted to start a project that educates new mothers in the US about the needs of women in Guatemala. Guatemala has one of the hightest maternal mortality rates in Latin America, as the resources and technology offered in the U.S. are unavailable to these women.

The Buttons for Birth Campaign is dedicated to women’s health, education and empowerment; it will provide new mothers in the US with a button along with an informational brochure and letter encouraging them to recycle their excess maternity supplies. These will be donated to Guatemalan women and ultimately provide them and their health care providers the tools they need to reduce maternal mortality rates while raising awareness in the U.S. Samantha’s Do Something Grant will fund the buttons for Birth campaign and further its work abroad through Saving Mothers.

Congratulations Samantha!

Check out the Do Something website to read about other seed grant winners. 

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