Post-Partum Hemorrhage Kits

Postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) is the leading cause of maternal death worldwide. Not surprisingly, there is a stark difference in survival rates for PPH between developed and developing countries, a clear indication that most of these deaths are preventable. Women who develop PPH require aggressive emergency obstetric intervention which is simply not available in low-resource settings. In addition, the higher prevalence of anemia among women in developing countries is a further complicating factor.

At Saving Mothers, we recognize that the majority of births in developing countries occur outside of the hospital and are attended by minimally skilled birth attendants. When confronted with PPH, these birth attendants simply do not have the knowledge or the tools to manage this complication, and in many cases distance to the hospital will preclude emergency referral. Saving Mothers wanted to develop a low-tech solution to this problem, so we created a postpartum hemorrhage kit that includes life-saving medications and pictorial instructions for use by minimally skilled birth attendants.  

At only $10 each, these kits can save lives in even the most isolated areas.

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