ONE Conference Call with Christy Turlington

Saving Mothers participated in a conference call with ONE President David Lane and Christy Turlington Burns. More than 2000 people joined this conference call, which focused on women’s issues and empowerment. One of the major topics of conversation was maternal health issues in Africa and other developing countries. Below are some highlights of the call and our take on it.

Christy is a model and business woman as well as an active advocate for maternal and child health, lung cancer and AIDS. After experiencing complications when her first child was born, she became passionate about raising awareness on maternal health care.

She mentioned how maternal mortality is the #1 cause of death for women in some countries in the developing world. In some cases, women do not die but suffer from conditions such as obstetric fistula, which causes the woman to be incontinent and, thus, shunned from her community. (To see how Saving Mothers has worked to help women with obstetric fistula, see “Saving Mothers’ Team Performs Obstetric Fistula Repairs”)

Christy worked on the documentary film “No Woman No Cry” to let people to experience what it is like to walk in the shoes of women that may have no access to maternal care and see the adversity that they face. Fore more information on the film go to

Below are some suggestions of how to help this fight

1. Become familiar with the facts and statistics about maternal health issues:

2. Help raise awareness and fundraise for organizations that work to promote maternal health

3. Visit and watch No Woman No Cry.

4. Take action to tell Senate that the proposed cuts in the U.S. Budget to proven, effective poverty-fighting solutions are unacceptable.:

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