On our way back to the Dominican Republic!

At the end of March, Saving Mothers is returning to the Dominican Republic to continue working with ILAC (Institute for Latin American Concern) with support from the Platt Foundation.

By working with “cooperadores,” locally trained community health workers, through the ILAC Cooperadores de Salud Education Program Health Outreach Initiative, we will continue to gather health information and screen thousands of people in hard-to-reach rural villages where there is no formal medical care.

In August 2012, the Saving Mothers team trained over 160 cooperadores to screen for prolapse, incontinence, and abnormal pap smears. In October 2012, we returned to perform surgical repairs and to teach local health care providers fundamental skills.

Overall, 119 patients were evaluated and 40 received life-changing surgeries, such as sling procedures and vaginal hysterectomies. Later this month, our cohort of surgeons, anesthesiologists, and nurses will return to perform an even larger number of procedures. Stay tuned to hear updates!

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