Notes from the Field: Home Visits in Tzanchaj, Guatemala

Here I go with my lovely friend, Concepcion, and a health educator from PRODESCA. We went on home prenatal and post-partum visits in the rural “aldea,” Tzanchaj. All the women I visited had homebirths with comadronas. The young lady and baby you see here shared my first homebirth experience with me. I was called by Juana, a comadrona, and asked to accompany her to a birth. I quickly packed my “birth bag” and ran out the door. 3 hours later, I am watching her give birth to her first child. The delivery went well and baby was great. I repaired mom’s lacerations with a headlamp and my humble supplies. I visited her 2 weeks later and both were happy and healthy.

- Jessica Oliveira, Guatemala Coordinator



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