Nigeria Holds 2-Day Conference on Maternal Health

On August 27th and 28th, Nigeria held a two day workshop for all women leaders from political parties and aspirants for the 2011 elections regarding women’s health.

According to, some of the conclusions from the conference were:

• Nigeria has achieved a 30% improvement in maternal mortality reduction. However, the current progress is still very slow. As such, there are fears that Nigeria may not achieve the MDG 5 target by 2015.

• The current reported average maternal mortality ratio at 545 maternal deaths/100,000 live births is very high and unacceptable.

• About 54,000 women die every year as a result of complications of pregnancy and childbirth. A woman dies every minute and Nigeria contributes 10 per cent of the global estimate of maternal deaths.

• The close relationship between maternal health and child survival shows that children will continue to die, despite the huge investment by government on the immunization programme. The under-five child mortality rate is very high at 157 death/1000 live births (NDHS 2008) and with over 340,000 infant deaths reported annually.

• About 40 per cent of pregnant women experience pregnancy-related problems. For every woman that dies due to pregnancy or childbirth, there are 15-20 women who suffer such complications as obstetric fistulae (VVF), ruptured uterus, hypertension, infertility and pelvic inflammatory diseases. Lack of appropriate maternal health care services, especially facilities for assisted deliveries and emergency obstetric care, constitutes a major factor

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