Motherhood Around the World

Earlier this week I read a fun article about how childbirth looks around the world and how customs and traditions continue to play a big part in the way women prepare for birth, labor, and their postpartum recovery. For example, in Finland, every pregnant woman receives a boxed care package from the Finnish government. The box contains a tiny sleeping bag, bottles, and an assortment of unisex baby clothing, and the box itself is even able to be used as a crib for a newborn! A custom in Korea revolves around miyeokguk—a seaweed soup that is traditionally the first thing a woman eats after giving birth. So many fascinating traditions around the world tied to pregnancy and childbirth!

Along these lines, blogger Joanna Goddard did a series on “Motherhood Around the World” that is a fun take on Americans who are raising small children abroad, everywhere from India to Norway. It’s so interesting to see what being a mother looks like country by country and how the way we bring up children is shaped by the cultural norms of where we live and the way we ourselves were raised. I encourage you to take a look at Joanna’s blog series for a glimpse into these mothers’ lives.  

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(photo credit: Associated Press)

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