Mobile Health & Finance: the Potential Impact on Maternal Health

This month, the World Economic Forum and mHealth Alliance presented a report called “Amplifying the Impact: Examining the Intersection of Mobile Health and Mobile Finance.” The paper focuses on how mobile technology and communication can positively impact the spheres of health and finance. As the report points out, more people now have access to mobile phones than have access to clean water- clearly the pervasive nature of this technology is staggering and the potential opportunities in terms of access to health education and care are well worth examining.

Photo credit: mHealth Alliance

The report specifically singles out Maternal Health as an example of the potential applications of mobile health technology. Maternal health care is broken into four main categories:Pre-Pregnancy, Pregnancy, Birth, Post-Natal, and applications for mobil health and financial services are discussed at each stage. For example, in the pre-pregancy phase, women could receive education on preventing STDs or family planning. In the post-natal phase, direct mobile payments could be triggered via mobile phone for child health services such as immunizations.

Really, a very interesting read on using available techonologies to solve major health issues world-wide.

To read the full report, go here.

Photo credit: mHealth Alliance

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