Meet Rukshana, a courageous breast cancer survivor!

Meet Rukshana, a courageous breast cancer survivor — the third nominee in Saving Mothers’ “Mother of the Year” contest. Read about Rukshana, a cancer survivor and proud mother. 

Tell us about her Rukshana is a wonderful mom that has found a way to balance work, family, and motherhood. She is doing a wonderful job raising my niece!

What is your favorite memory of your mother? Every Gchat conversation we have, most of which help keep me sane during the work week :)

What is your favorite piece of advice? Be patient, don’t compare yourself to others.

Why do you think it’s important to save mothers from pregnancy-related complications? Mothers are more than just caretakers. They are teachers, counselors, confidantes and role-models. When you save a mother, you don’t just save her life, but you save the life of her children, and her family.

Why does this mother deserve to be Saving Mothers’ “Mother of the Year”? Rukshana is a survivor of breast cancer. She was diagnosed in her early 30s and is now is a healthy and proud mother of a beautiful little girl.

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