Meet Robin, Sarah’s mom!


Meet Robin, Sarah’s mom — the second nominee in Saving Mothers’ “Mother of the Year” contest. Read Sarah’s touching story of why her mom is such a wonderful figure in her life.

Tell us about her: My mother, Robin, is an incredible role model, confidant, and advisor. As I have grown up, our mother-daughter relationship has evolved, and I consider her one of my closest friends. She set a wonderful example, being both a committed mother and a dedicated professional, working in education as both a teacher and a principal. She is caring and loving, and I could not imagine my life without her!

What is your favorite memory of your mother? It would be too hard to pin down one memory, as she has been so important to my life every day. But I would have to say it is the smallest things that really define why she is such a wonderful force in my life, the moments where we are just chatting and sharing about our regular, daily lives, and we both learn so much from each other.

What is your favorite piece of advice? My mother has always told me to trust my gut and to trust good instincts. It has encouraged my faith in myself, my decisions, and my ability to fully stand behind my choices.

Why do you think it’s important to save mothers from pregnancy-related complications? Pregnancy and birth should be the start of motherhood. It is the very beginning of the journey—so much good comes afterwards. Every mother deserves the chance to experience those milestones with her child. Maternal healthcare should not be a privilege; it is a right owed to all mothers worldwide.

Why does your mother deserve to be Saving Mothers’ “Mother of the Year”? While I’m sure every child thinks he or she has lucked out the most when it comes to his or her mom, I simply think I couldn’t have had a more loving, thoughtful, intelligent, and fiercely devoted mother if I tried. My mom has been there for me 100%, and I feel lucky to call her a mother and a friend.

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