Meet Dr. Strong!

Dr. Strong, pictured below at left, is an OB/Gyn who specializes in maternal fetal medicine. She currently practices at the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, where she also serves as an Assistant Professor at their School of Medicine


Dr. Strong has been working with Saving Mothers since our inception in 2009, and is an integral part of our success story

Recently interviewed about her experience with Saving Mothers, you can view her responses below:


You currently serve on the Medical Advisory Board of Saving Mothers. What drew you to this organization?

I kind of grew up with this organization. As a fourth year resident in my global health rotation at Mount Sinai, I traveled to Guatemala with Saving Mothers. At that time in my life, global health issues were not a priority for me, but after that trip I knew that global health issues would be an important part of my life forever

Describe the work that you have done in Kenya and Guatemala as a medical volunteer

I have been to our Kenya site twice. A large part of what I have done there is to teach the local residents and ultrasound techs about op biometry, biophysical waves,  gestational age determination, and management of abnormal placenta and placenta previa. I have also conducted medical safety rounds, assisted in the OR, and trained nurses on IUD insertion as part of our effort to introduce family planning to the local community. In Guatemala, I have gone on numerous home visits in underserved areas, but have also worked at the volunteer-run hospital, the government-run hospital, and various urban centers & birthing centers.  I have also conducted outreach to solicit indigenous birth attendant to participate in our School of POWHER

Can you cite a specific experience that had a particular impact on you?

I was working at a volunteer hospital on one of our medical trips when the medical students and midwives brought me a woman who had labored at home and ended up hemorrhaging. While they had originally brought her to the hospital, the doctors didn't know how to address the bleeding. Upon arrival, I determined that she had a huge cervical laceration which I was able to repair. I also used this opportunity to teach the local medical staff on how to identify and repair lacerations. Fortunately the patient ended up doing very well and was able to return home with her infant just a few short days later. 

Why did you decide to run the marathon for Saving Mothers?

I always said that I would never run a marathon. Yet when the Saving Mothers' board asked me to be a part of their TCS NYC Marathon charity partner program, I couldn't think of a better reason to run. And I sincerely hope that my run will help to spread the word about this incredible organization!

What message do you want to give to everyone watching you at the TCS Marathon this November?

That Saving Mothers does incredible work! I hope to inspire others to do good work, to give back to the causes that are important to them, and to think globally. We are stronger together, and we can all make a difference!


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