Making progress in Liberia

We recently got a dispatch from Liberia Program manager Kiran Chawla updating us on what she’s been up to in the field. Kiran is an assistant professor of Gynecology and Obstetrics at the University of Maryland, and we’re incredibly fortunate to have her supervising our operations in Liberia. She’s been involved in several projects:

1) Teaching and training ultrasound technique (transvaginal and transabdominal). Working closely with and providing hands-on support to the facility’s single ultrasound technician, who is also the head of the OBGYN hospital.

2) Teaching and training new interns. Relaying the basics of obstetrics management to skilled students eager to learn. Kiran has 3 interns on her service and is teaching them the basics of making rounds and delivering patient care.

3) Teaching residents. Training physicians in the basics of gynecology and obstetrics management. Kiran has 3 residents on her service and is instructing them in complicated obstetric care and the fundamentals of gynecology.

4) Teaching midwives. Providing continuing education to local and traditional birth attendants in the basics of obstetrics management.

Stay tuned for more updates from Liberia, Guatemala and Dominican Republic. And remember, all the care we’re providing to women in need wouldn’t be possible without your support. 

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