Jacaranda Health: Mobile Health in Nairobi

Here at Saving Mothers, we are always excited to hear about the launch of new programs and initiatives designed to help improve maternal and newborn health in the developing world. It is always inspiring to see the innovative approaches people take in trying to make a difference, which is why I so enjoyed reading about the launch of the Jacaranda Mobile Health Clinic in Nairobi.

Jacaranda Health is an organization devoted to improving maternal and infant health in East Africa, running clinics to provide essential medical services to women in need. A few weeks ago, Jacaranda Health opened their first mobile maternity clinic and Nick Pearson, Jacaranda’s Managing Director, wrote a piece for the Acumen Fund to describe the experience of opening the clinic and his ambitions for the program.

To learn more about Jacaranda Health, check out their website.

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