Introducing Kathleen!

Introducing Kathleen, a mother who has touched more than just the lives of her children and a nominee in Saving Mothers’ “Mother of the Year” contest. 

Tell us about her: Kathleen was not only my nanny when I was a child- but she was also a best-friend, sister, and my second mom all rolled into one. After I grew up and Kathleen moved to London, she rekindled a childhood love with Leory. Now, this couple is raising their beautiful daughter Kinara.


What is your favorite memory of this mother? Kathleen introduced me to the joy of reading. A good book can bring you somewhere you have never been or see the world though someone else’s eyes. Some of my favorite memories with Kathleen would be our daily summer walks to the town library and then reading together afterwards. Kathleen was also a writer and eventually published her first book. Now I know those walks to the library helped pave her future too.

What is your favorite piece of advice from this mother? Although I was fortunate to grow up with a loving family in an upper-middle class suburb, I was even more blessed to learn about life outside River Vale, NJ. Kathleen was raised in a small Caribbean island named Montserrat. There was a sense of community, loyalty, and connections amongst her neighbors that was foreign to me. In my suburban neighborhood, families lived behind closed doors. I realized then that I wanted to be a person who broke down these barriers and felt comfortable going into people’s homes and lives to help them. As a nurse and member of Saving Mothers, I know that to best care for people is to first know where they are coming from.

Why do you think it’s important to save mothers from pregnancy-related complications? AMA is a medical acronym that means ‘Advanced Maternal Age.’ Without revealing too much information, Kathleen was AMA when she was pregnant. For many women, being AMA is the norm, but it also makes someone at increased risk for pregnancy-related complications. It was Kathleen’s dream to become pregnant. Even though she was AMA, I am so thankful that Kathleen was able to receive the care she needed, avoid pregnancy-related complications, and live her dream.

Why does this mother deserve to be Saving Mothers’ “Mother of the Year”? Kathleen is a mother of great morals, beliefs, and knowledge. She is a genuinely beautiful and admirable person. I am the person today because of the values she instilled in me. This is evident in Kathleen’s decision to name her daughter Kinara. Kathleen told me that this name represents the candelabra that carries the seven candles /seven principles of the kwanzaa celebration- unity, community, self-determination, creativity, purpose, faith, and responsibility. Kathleen continues to inspire me every day.

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