Introducing Christine: Our First Nominee for Mother of the Year!


Christine is the mother of Camille Ricketts (me), Saving Mothers’ Web and Media Director. I am nominating her for the Mother of the Year Award, not only because she’s been an incredible mother, friend, and supporter — but because she’s changed her life in remarkable, inspiring ways — ways we hope that the women supported by Saving Mothers worldwide will also be able to change their lives for the better.

Without the opportunity to get the education she wanted early in life, my mom worked tirelessly to support our family every way she could. She put her dreams on hold to work difficult, demanding jobs. And when my father was diagnosed with cancer — when I was only 8 years old — and had to stop working, she supported both of us and convinced me every day that everything was going to be okay. She created stability where there could have easily been none, and comfort when it was needed most. My father recovered and started working again, but I will never forget her strength and courage during that time in my life. 

Even though she did not have the chance to go to college, she supported me to be the best version of myself and dream not just big, but huge. And when I was fortunate enough to be accepted into Stanford University, there was no question of whether I’d be able to go. She’d find a way to make it possible, no matter what. I don’t think I’ve had adequate appreciation for how big of a promise she was making that day I opened my acceptance letter, but it must have been mind-boggling. Of course she delivered on that promise, never once complaining or expressing regret.

Now it’s my mom’s turn. I am filled with pride, admiration, and general awe when I think about how she has changed her life in just the last several years. She returned to school, taught herself how to be a great writer, earned her certificate in drug and alcohol abuse counseling, and found a great job helping young people with their addictions. It’s a beautiful, full circle in so many ways, and it fills my heart to see her continuing to provide bottomless support to young women and others to help them achieve their potential too.

For all these reasons and more, I’d like to nominate my superhuman mother, Christine, for Saving Mothers’ Mother of the Year Award. In my mind and heart, she represents everything we stand for at Saving Mothers: steadfast support, creative problem solving, the promise of a better future, and endless belief in the human spirit’s ability to change.

Thank you, mom. I love you.

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