Follow Up on Saving Mothers’ Birthing Kit Initiative in Guatemala

In April, Saving Mother’s Founder & President, Nichole Young-Lin, returned to Guatemala to follow up on Saving Mothers’ Birthing Kit Initiative there. After having distributed 40 birthing kits to comadronas in San Juan and Santiago, we wanted to evaluate how the kits were used and the comadrona’s perception of the kits.

Nichole conducted evaluations of Saving Mothers’ birthing kits with 22 comadronas. All the comadronas stated that they like the kits and all but one said that they would use the

We found that our birthing kits were very well received. Of the responses, 88 said that the kit was easy to use, 3 liked the design, 14 stated that the materials inside the kit were useful and 2 said that the kit prevents infection. Nearly all of them said that they would definitely use the birthing kit again. Only one said that she was unsure because she works also work at a nearby hospital. Every comadrona who filled out an evaluation was given a certificate of participation.

Evaluating Saving Mothers’ Birthing Kit Initiative is the first step to improving the program for the future. By analyzing the results, we can ensure that our program meets the needs of the comadronas and promote maternal health in these two towns.

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