Every Mother, Every Child

Today, the Lancet published a piece about the U.N.’s most recent report from the Every Woman, Every Child Innovation Working Group. The report discusses different innovative approaches to address maternal and infant mortality around the world. The focus is on self-sustainable models that can be scaled up from small to large as fitting given the situation.

Bangladesh; Flickr user Michael Foley

The report goes into detail on a multitude of different models- everything from developing a vaccine for group A meningococcal meningitis in Africa to creating a chain of low-cost hospitals to provide maternal health care to women in India. The report itself is about 50 pages and accessible on the Lancet website (it’s free to create an account); also, PBS ran an article discussing five of the approaches.

I encourage you to read through the report, as it provides some fascinating insights into the ways people from all over the world are approaching the problem of maternal and infant mortality. There are so many different angles from which to attack these issues- prenatal health and monitoring, disease management, childhood vaccinations- the list goes on and on. It’s encouraging to see people harnessing their creativity in the attempt to improve the lives of women and children everywhere.

Photo: PBS News Hour

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