Distributing Birthing Kits in Guatemala

In the past three weeks, Saving Mothers’ Team members, Danielle Peress and Nichole Young-Lin, distributed a total of 40 birthing kits to comadronas (traditional midwives) in Guatemala. The program started off with a birthing kit distribution and training meeting on January 7th. Fifteen comadronas attended the meeting and received Saving Mothers’ birthing kits, which contain the basic materials for a clean delivery.

Two weeks later, our team held another meeting to assess the comodronas’ reactions to and use of the birthing kits. Two comadronas used the birthing kits during previous week and were able to teach their fellow comadronas by  demonstrating how to use the birthing kits. These two comadronas expressed their satisfaction with the Saving Mothers’ kits. The comadronas also showed us their own instruments for delivering babies. Saving Mothers also distributed birthing kits to comadronas in a nearby village called San Juan.

Overall, the project has been extremely well –received and the comadronas look forward to the expansion of our birthing kit initiative in Guatemala.

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