Birth Attendant Training


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Students at Saving Mothers' School of POWHER in Guatemala

Saving Mothers has established a 16 week training program intended to provide local birth attendants in Guatemala known as comadronas with the skills necessary to ensure safe deliveries, address complications, and refer mothers for hospital delivery when appropriate. Better known as our School of POWHER (Providing Outreach in Women's Health & Educational Resources), this training program was adapted from a curriculum developed by two New York-based nurse-midwives, and customized to suit the unique culture and perspective of this traditional Mayan audience.

director.pngOver the course of three months, students at our School of POWHER learn the skills necessary to ensure safe deliveries for both mother and child. At the same time, they are expected to complete a set number of clinical hours where they get hands-on experience conducting labor, delivery and prenatal care under the supervision of volunteer doctors, nurses and midwives. Upon graduation, the students receive a stethoscope, fetal Doppler and a pregnancy wheel for dating. Now they are official birth attendants!

But our training does not stop there. It is critical that birth attendants keep their skills current, so continuing education is a must. Consequently all of our graduates are expected to continuously attend classes hosted by the local Ministry of Health.

Please consider supporting our School of POWHER. This program is a wonderful way to empower women in low-resource settings, while simultaneously improving the lives of women in the communities they will serve.

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