A Shout-Out to SM’s Supporters at Kuper Academy High School

At Kuper Academy High School in Montreal, Quebec on the 28th of February the Saving Mothers Kuper Academy Student Chapter held its very first fundraiser!


Following several raising awareness events including a school assembly, an information session and a sign-up meeting for all those interested, we gathered about 15 students and formed the Saving Mothers Kuper Academy Student Chapter. As a group, we raised awareness of worldwide maternal health issues through videos and informative posters that we placed around the school.

For the fundraiser, students and teachers made $1 bets on the birth date and gender of the baby of one of our French teachers, Mme. Florence Dusausoy.  After the baby’s birth, prizes will be given to those who made the five most accurate guesses. 

The group raised $175 US and is excited about being part of the effort to reduce maternal deaths worldwide.

Saving Mothers Kuper Academy Student Chapter:

Nilufar Mokhtarian, President
Dylan Masson, Vice-President
Mr. Luigi Discepola, Teacher and supporting member
Mme. Florence Dusausoy, Teacher and supporting member
Angad Malhotra
Harman Malhi
Namarta Malhi
Mariam Aldulaimy
Olivia Ruscito
Vanessa De Muy
Walid Rankoussi
Harjas Mann
Alexander Bevacqua
Caleb Chang
Saleha Lamrani
Terrence Serpone
Sadhvi Mehta


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