A Reminder of Why Maternal Health Initiatives Matter

Huffington Post’s Global Motherhood section ran a particularly affecting article this week entitled “Saving Mothers in Afghanistan: Progress, Challenges and the Road Ahead.” The article focused on the grim state of maternal health in Afghanistan, where a woman dies every two hours from pregnancy-related health complications. Postpartum hemorrhage, eclampsia, obstructed labor: These are the main causes of maternal death in Afghanistan, and they are all extremely treatable.


At Saving Mothers, our mission has been to try and reduce these kinds of needless deaths by providing training and resources to nurses and midwives and advocating for the use of effective and inexpensive drug treatments that can help prevent serious health complications. Knowing that treatment is widely and inexpensively available and yet remains inaccessible to so many women in Afghanistan is heartbreaking, but reading articles like this remind us why organizations like Saving Mothers are so important and why we need to continue to work to spread information about maternal healthcare. We really encourage you to read the article and to check out some additional resources on maternal health in Afghanistan. Learning more about the serious plight facing expectant mothers in that country is the first step we can all take to helping these women thrive.

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