Birth Kit Event @ the Museum of Motherhood

On Saturday, January 7, Saving Mothers hosted a Birth Kit event at the Museum of Motherhood.  Joy Rose, the museum’s founder, was gracious enough to share her beautiful space with us. 

Much to our surprise, eight wonderful women along with their children volunteered their time to help us put together birth kits for our trip to Guatemala next week. Not only did they help us make the kits, but many volunteers brought the supplies for them. We exceeded our goal of 100 birthing kits and in just a couple of hours, our amazing volunteers helped us put together 107 kits!

Everyone was so enthusiastic and eager to help. 

“Their desire to volunteer was truly inspiring,” said Leiann Lopez, Members and Donor Liaison for Saving Mothers.  We appreciate the support of our volunteers and look forward with sharing the day’s photos with the women of Lago Atitlan.  A special thanks to our volunteers: Lauren Abrams, Robin Templeton, Keya Kennedy, Janae Sheilds, Windi Mirkovic, Marilyn Suffet, Holly White, Amy Alpern, and their wonderful children. 

Also, don’t forget to check the Global Wall: Saving Mothers exhibit at the Museum of Motherhood during the month of January.

Photos of our fabulous volunteers assembling birth kits at the Museum of Motherhood!

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