10 days ‘til Mother’s Day 2012!

As part of our countdown to Mother’s Day (only 10 days away!) I thought I’d share another story from the field here on the blog today. One of the truly great things about working on the Saving Mothers blog is that I get to hear all the amazing stories of our volunteers working in the field. It’s amazing to hear about the experiences of these young doctors who travel to places like Liberia and Guatemala to try and improve the environment for pregnant women and new mothers in resource-limited settings.

For example, this is Kimberly Ferrante. 

Kimberly is a resident at NYU’s Langone Medical Center. She recently made the trip to Monrovia, Liberia and spent two weeks teaching and delivering babies at the Redemption Hospital as a volunteer for Saving Mothers. I was particularly touched by Kimberly’s reflections on her time in Monrovia since it was clear how much she had been personally affected by the experience. In talking about her experience providing training to the local doctors and midwives, Kimberly said ”While I always taught, I now realize the crucial importance of teaching. I can teach people how to manage patients appropriately so that even though I may not be there, my knowledge is there and perhaps that can save someone’s life.” 

In addition to teaching, Kimberly was also called upon to help in some particularly difficult births. She delivered a shoulder dystocia (an obstetric emergency where the baby’s shoulders fail to emerge shortly after the head). No one else was capable of the procedure, but Kimberly managed to pull it off and deliver a healthy baby boy. Kimberly said “I was huffing and puffing after the baby came out- mostly because I was holding my breath! But he was fine, and so was his mom! She looked me right in the eye and said ‘thank God for you.’ I don’t think I have ever gotten as sincere a thank you as this woman gave me that day.”

It’s always amazing to hear not only what these volunteers give, but also what they take away from their experiences in the field. We at Saving Mothers are so proud of our volunteers and we ask for your help in continuing to support the inspiring work of people like Kimberly. Please visit our website and lend your support today in the form of a special Mother’s Day donation! We’d appreciate it more than we can say. And don’t forget to stay tuned for more updates on the projects we’ve been working on this year as we continue the countdown to May 13th!

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