The Issue

More than 343,000 women in developing nations die during childbirth every year.

  This is the equivalent of 3 jumbo jets filled with women crashing every day

How is this possible?

While the UN Millennium Development Goals have called much needed attention to the disproportionate levels of maternal mortality in developing nations, progress in this area remains well short of the mark.

Millennium Development Goal


        Target:  75% reduction in maternal mortality by 2015

        Actual:  45% reduction 

In addition, inequalities between nations remain stark. While the maternal mortality rate in the US is 28 deaths per 100,000 births, in Kenya the rate is 400 deaths per 100,000 births (14 times higher). In Sierra Leone the rate is 1,200 deaths per 100,000 births: this is 43 times higher than in the US.

Why does this problem persist?

Because up to 90% of women in low-resource settings still deliver outside of a hospital setting. And more than 30% deliver without the aid of a healthcare professional or even a midwife.

The Result?

Countless numbers of preventable maternal deaths due to simple complications or unsanitary conditions. And too many newborns left without a mother.

The Solution:

At Saving Mothers we believe that the vast majority of these deaths can be prevented through the education of skilled birth attendants in underserved communities, and the design and implementation of low-tech, low-cost interventions like our post-partum hemorrhage kits and safe birth kits. And so we have made it our mission to: 

  • Raise awareness of this tragic issue
  • Raise funds to bring these solutions to the women who need them most
  • Focus research on continuous innovations in this field
  • Rally our fellow doctors to scrub in and join us!


We believe that no woman should die giving life.

We are Saving Mothers, and we need your help.


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